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How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

Death, unfortunately, cannot be avoided. We all have to make tough decisions about what we want for our future, too.  When it comes to life insurance, most of us do not want to get stuck on the details, but there are financial needs that every family has to think about.  If you are at that […]

Should You Get Life Insurance For Your College Student?

Life insurance may be an uncomfortable subject for you to talk about, but a life policy can allow you to leave a substantial inheritance for your children when you pass away. Your children can use this money in any way they want. They can purchase a home, start their own business, go on a nice […]

Did You Lose Your Life Insurance When You Left Your Last Job?

What happens when you leave your employer but still want to keep your employer-sponsored life insurance policy? There are options available to help you hold onto this policy. However, these options depend on the insurance company and employer. In most cases, you likely have to convert your plan, but you can still hold onto your […]

A Guide to Understanding Life Insurance

If you are concerned about what will happen to your loved ones after you die, you should consider investing in life insurance. However, you shouldn’t do so without becoming educated about what life insurance is and how it works. WRS Insurance Solutions is here to provide a basic rundown of this type of coverage, including […]